What? Seriously? As in Squid and Octopi?

Well, yes, although “octopi” isn’t necessarily the correct plural (“octopus” isn’t a Latin word; it’s Greek, so the plural could just as easily be “octopodes” or octopods,” but I prefer “octopuses.” And “squids”).

Cephalopods is a musical about a marine biologist (he studies octopuses, squids, cuttlefish, and the chambered nautilus) who falls in love with a primatologist (she studies gorillas). And it’s about cephalopods, those fabulously talented, amazingly colored, and mysteriously intelligent denizens of the briny blue and our sweetest dreams. (Or my sweetest dreams, anyway.)


Here is a crudely recorded (and crudely sung) demo of the song Dian, marine biologist Alan’s paean to the secret crush of his life, Dian Fosse. Warning: it’s naughty and explicit.


1. Dian 7 2011     


Coming soon, if I remember. But hey, there’s a cool recording above you can listen to.


Not a lot yet.


On hiatus!